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Maximum download speed for BW3200


I'm using a Terayon BW3200 with Motorola 5101 modems. The maximum download speed I get is 12 Mbps. Would like to know if this is the maximum speed I can achieve with these hardware. BTW, I've a DS3 Internet connection, getting same result with local servers.


Hi Christian
What's the downstream modulation, upstream bandwidth and modulation? what's the modem's firmware?
service classes? what's the modem file look like? max burst set to?
Between 25 and 28 Mbps is the best I've been able to get with a docsis 2.0 setup


BW Software Version:

Downstream Modulation : qam256
Downstream Channel Width : 6000000 Hz
Interleaving : taps8Increment16
Downstream Power : 57 dBmV

Upstream Channel Type : scdma
Modulation Profile : 66
Upstream Channel Width : 6400000 Hz
Nominal Receive Power : 2 dBmV
SNR : 31 dB
SNR Equalized : 31 dB
Microreflections : 28 dBc

HW_REV: 1; VENDOR: Motorola Corporation; BOOTR: 2164; SW_REV: SB5101-; MODEL: SB5101

Tx : 43.4dB
Rx : 11.4dB
SNR : 43dB
µReflec. : 31dB

Tx : 57dB
Rx : 2dB
SNR : 32.1dB
µReflec. : 28dB

The configuration file is pretty empty, I've tried any combination of "Max Sustained Traffic Rate" and "Max Traffic Burst" for both upstream and downstream with the same result. Right now they are empty (maximum speed I presume).

03 (Net Access Control) = 1
24 (Upstream Service Flow Encodings)
S01 Service Flow Reference = 1
S06 QoS Parameter Set Type = 7
S07 Traffic Priority = 0
S15 Service Flow Scheduling Type = 2
25 (Downstream Service Flow Encodings)
S01 Service Flow Reference = 2
S06 QoS Parameter Set Type = 7
S07 Traffic Priority = 0
29 (Privacy Enable) = 0
39 (DOCSIS 2.0 Enable) = 1


Send your email and I'll send you the modem file I used

[edit] removed my email address from this old post...