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SNMP for CMTS uBR10012 read cable modem 3.0 on line on PRTG (issue to monitore cable modem 3.0)

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SNMP for CMTS uBR10012 read cable modem 3.0 on line on PRTG (issue to monitore cable modem 3.0)

hi guys, i have a CMTS Cisco uBR10012 and i have issue to monitore cable modens 3.0 on line on Upastream port with PRTG. Someone can help me with this?

I can monitore the cable mondens 2.0 normally, SNR level and Downstream rates less cable modens 3.0.

thank all that help me.

U should directly activate

U should directly activate SNMP in 3.0 modems. It's not active by default.


You should try DOCS-IF3-MIB for DOCSIS 3 (and less) or look if you have a linux plateform at easydocsis.


sorry I did not understand it, can you give me an example?

I looked at easydocsis, they

I looked at easydocsis, they claim they do open-source on their website but no link, nothing.

It s available on sourceforge

It s available on sourceforge

Yes, is activated

Yes the snmp is enabled on the docsis file of this cable modem

I tried others tools of monitoring

Hello, I tried other SNMP monitoring tools including Zabbix using SNMP V2 and still can not see the amount of 3.0 modems online.
How do you monitor their modems 3.0?

Are you currently polling

Are you currently polling CISCO-DOCS-EXT-MIB::cdxIfUpChannelCmActive ( ?

This will give you D2 modems, but not D3.

You cant poll D3 modems in this way because of upstream channel bonding abstraction

(same as how when you "show cable modem summary", the bonded modems have their own line rather than being assigned to any particular upstream)

USCB assigns modems to a bonding group, which may contain one or more upstreams.

SNMP can tell you which upstreams each D3 modem is bonded to, but it isn't really going to be simple to generate a graph of this data

OID to upstream bonding

how can I get the OID for upstream bonding?

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