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Motorola SB6120 Firmware and CVC



I'm in need of the latest firmware image and manufacturer CVC for the Motorola SB6120 series modems. We're an Arris shop with C4c CMTS's and we stock Arris 2.0 and 3.0 modems for our customers. However we recently turned on upstream channel-bonding and now there's a handful of customer-owned SB6120's with older firmware that won't sync up to the bonded upstreams. I know it's firmware because there are a bunch with a later version that are working fine and bonded 4x4.

If somebody could email me the firmware image and CVC for them that would be greatly appreciated. mbrown at casscomm dot com



I would try getting a login to the motorola firmware site takes about a day and then you would have access to them for the future. If you still can't get them message me and I will download them for you.

Ok thanks for the tip, but that url doesn't exist.
We used to have access to Moto's downloads, but that was years ago and everything has since changed on their end.


should have been

Thanks to the gentleman that sent me the files.

I got things worked around now.. have to feed the non-functional 6120's a 1.0 config file with the appropriate upgrade filename and CVC. Then once they're upgraded they can be put back on a 1.1 config and can then do 4x4 bonding.

Can someone sent to me the CVC for Motorola ? c dot gaspar at gpstechnik dot ch
Many thanks !

I have sent it to you


Can you please email it to me as well darren at syso dot ca



Do you have the CVC file for the SB6141 modems ? If you could send it to me that would be great.

if you have the signed firmware you have the CVC see this post and when you open it up export the CVC.