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docsis 2.0 Arris C4 - How to configure it to do Dynamic Multicast in BPI+?


I am working on docsis 2.0 with an Arris C4 CMTS and a RCA modem.
I wish doing SA dynamic multicast with my modem online in bpi+ mode.
I have been succeeded in doing static multicast in Bpi mode in making the configuration of CMTS by CLI and as well by MIBs.

But I don't know the CLI to configure the CMTS in order to doing SA Dynamic Multicast.
I have tried by MIBs but the CMTS returns me wrongvalue when I indicate dynamic in its configuration.
Here's how I configure the CMTS by MIBS:
snmpset -O bsqx -t 15 -I r -m all -r 1 -v 2c -M /home/DOCSIS/SharedMibs/UCD-MIBS -c private A.B.C.D
docsBpi2CmtsIpMulticastMapControl.66312.1 i 4
docsBpi2CmtsIpMulticastAddressType.66312.1 i 1
docsBpi2CmtsIpMulticastAddress.66312.1 x "0xE6010204"
docsBpi2CmtsIpMulticastMaskType.66312.1 i 1
docsBpi2CmtsIpMulticastMask.66312.1 x "FFFFFFFF"
docsBpi2CmtsIpMulticastSAId.66312.1 i 8202 What must I create a SAID if I want to do dynamic?
docsBpi2CmtsIpMulticastSAType.66312.1 i 3
docsBpi2CmtsIpMulticastDataEncryptAlg.66312.1 i 1
docsBpi2CmtsIpMulticastDataAuthentAlg.66312.1 i 0 what does it mean this command?

That is said:
multicast address:
data encryption algo:des56CbcMode
SA Dynamic multicast

Thank you for helping